African Entrepreneurs Hub is a non-profit organisation focused on encouraging entrepreneurship. We provide programs and services that nurture home grown start-ups and SMEs to build businesses the right way and on a bedrock of integrity with a commitment to always do the right thing.

We believe strongly in the power of entrepreneurship as the driving force for the development of economies. We approach our work from a two pronged angle; helping existing start-ups and SMEs with business building and grooming the youth to unearth entrepreneurship capabilities and view entrepreneurship as an alternative career choice.


Our Vision


To develop a new generation of African entrepreneurs who are committed to creating wealth in Africa in an ethically positive and sustainable way



Our Mission


Enabling the development of sustainable businesses to create jobs and wealth for Africa's youth



Our Guiding Principles



To take responsibility as leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

​ ​


​Supporting African businesses with all aspects of business building​


World class​

Going beyond the boundaries to deliver service that is acceptable in any space


Excellence in Entrepreneurship​

Ownership of all responsibilities and doing it well.