5 financial steps to securing your first investor

July 29, 2016

John Awuah, CEO of Universal Merchant Bank spoke on 5 financial steps to securing your first investor. According to him, if university students could adopt entrepreneurial minds, 50% of Ghana’s problems would be solved. He explained that entrepreneurs must have a unique product/service that solves problems. He advised entrepreneurs to properly define their product. Also, entrepreneurs need to invest in a competent team and a succession plan because it helps investors to have a good idea of the potential of their business.  Finally, he encouraged entrepreneurs to strategically locate investors.

Minding Your Own Business: The Strategic and Leadership Responsibility

July 22, 2016

Ruka Sanusi, Founder of Alldens Lane spoke on the theme: Minding Your Own Business: The Strategic and Leadership Responsibility. She explained that good leadership is without ego and it is developed daily. Strategy is a road map to get to the horizon. A leader should have a compelling vision. She advised entrepreneurs to recruit based on their business aspirations and not their pocket. We should think transformational and not transactional, i.e. don't find customers for your product, find products for your customers.

Using digital marketing to grow your customer base

July 15, 2016

Stephen Boadi, Head of Digital Marketing- Africa, PZ Cussons spoke on the topic using digital marketing to grow your customer base. According to him, digital marketing is a mystery to some people and for others it is wrongly used. He encouraged entrepreneurs to embrace digital technology as an ENABLER for marketing. He took participants through the process for online customer acquisition process:

REACH - Create awareness on various channels/platforms

ACT - Engage audience and capture data

CONVERT - Make the sales/conversions and deliver

ENGAGE - Manage the post sale experience to encourage loyalty, respect and referral

Networking effectively to grow your business

July 8, 2016

William Ofori, Country Manager of AstraZeneca Scientific Office spoke on networking effectively to grow your business. He explained that, business networking is a 2-way engagement which involves mutual respect between both parties with an end goal of some business benefits. The average person has several network circles with different benefits. To maximise your relationships, always approach a networking opportunity following these golden rules; know yourself, know your environment (who is at the event, what’s the event about etc), know what you want from the networking. Most importantly, be in the know!  

Investment strategies small businesses must consider for growth

June 24, 2016

The CEO of Databank spoke on the topic of investment strategies small businesses must consider for growth. Firstly, he insisted that every business must have a plan. Business owners should put these plans on paper as clearly as possible. He cautioned against expanding before the business is ready and emphasised on the importance of separating the business from the owner. He said small business owners should invest in putting structures in place as this will allow for consistency and growth. According to Kojo Addae - Mensah, investing in your business involves carefully building strategies that will help it grow.

How to raise funds successfully for your business

June 17, 2016

Peter Charway,Head of Operations & Research, Ideal Capital Partners spoke on  how to successfully raise funds for your business. Mr. Charway explained in detail what most investors or money lenders expect to see from anyone who approaches him. Top of the list is having the right documentation. This applies to what is required by any company to have by law and also the proper records like your financial records. A good team and the succession plan helps for investors to have a good idea of the potential of your business.

How to grow a successful business

June 3, 2016

The goal of every entrepreneur should be to build a business that outlives them. Mr. George Addison, MD of StarLife Assurance spoke on how to grow a successful business. According to him, entrepreneurs need to identify the pillars of a successful business and work on them; i.e the people, systems and strategies of the organisation and the customers. Getting this done well will ensure success for any organisation.

When Passion motivates business

May 13, 2016

Esinam Nyador, the female Taxi Driver also known as Miss Taxi  gave a candid account of how she moved from a masters degree holder to becoming a Taxi Driver on the streets of accra. Her decision to take this career path is from spotting a gap in the market and her love of driving; which incidentally started off as a fear of driving. She’s since refined her business model and is a pre-booking service. She believes the educational system should be structured such that students are taught to spot and solve societal problems.

Using Social Media to manage your business

May 6, 2016

Mr Solomon Twum, General Manager of Simon Page College of Marketing spoke on Using social media to manage your business. According to him, social media can help businesses build a community and also find new clientele. It also enables entrepreneurs to convert fans to customers. He advises, that business owners do a comprehensive profiling to find out which social media platform will be suitable for their kind of business. He also advises entrepreneurs to consider linking their social media networks to their websitesin order to integrate the content they are channeling out.

Finally, he encouraged entrepreneurs to get practical by actively using the various social media channels in order to learn more about them.

How to effectively sell

April 29, 2016

Petra Aba Asamoah, spoke on  ‘Growing your business; how to make effective sales.’ The Head of Station at 3 FM 92.7 was quick to point out that sales is a skill every entrepreneur MUST develop. Her advice is to sharpen your networking abilities, build a relationship with your clients and get to know what their needs are and don’t make assumptions on their behalf. The other side of effective selling is measuring and evaluating your efforts to sell. Put in systems in your organisation that allows you to track your sales performance. Always be prepared with a concise sales pitch and keep at it. It doesn’t happen in one day!


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